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Dr. Andrea | Counsellor

Counsellor - Waitakere - Dr. Andrea
Counselling West-Auckland Waitakere
69 McEntee Road
0614 Waitakere

✓ I also offer online therapy
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Counselling West-Auckland Waitakere

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My name is Andrea, counsellor in West-Auckland Waitakere.


Life can be challenging, and sometimes those challenges seem overwhelming.


There are times when things need to change – I can help you moving step by step towards the life you want.


There are times when pretty much everything seems to work against you – I can offer you different perspectives and tools for you to make different choices


What I bring to my work is myself and a deep respect and appreciation for my clients; for their whole being and their experiences.


I am committed to fostering a strong, respectful and collaborative therapeutic relationship with my clients, which I believe is integral to achieving success in therapy.



I personalize my approach to each client 

I work with clients to identify goals and tailor a treatment plan around altering unhelpful thoughts, maladaptive behaviour patterns, and difficult emotions, to enhance overall wellness and promote a positive quality of life. In my practice, I work with adults of all ages.


Working collaboratively with clients, I strive to create a warm, compassionate and non-judgmental space to explore personal roadblocks to living the life you most desire. I believe in continuous ongoing training and research which I bring into my sessions as appropriate.


You're the expert in your life and I'm your partner in exploration.

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

Online counselling (via Zoom or Skype) is helpful for clients who cannot travel to my counselling rooms and who would like to address an acute life crisis or change.

It is also helpful for those who have specific questions they wish to address or issues they would like to understand.

I do not offer deep, long-term psychotherapy online, as I do belief that for such therapy to be meaningful and safe the personal connection and physical presence are vital components.



Individual therapy sessions $150 per session (55 minutes)


Discounts available for long term and low income clients.


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