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We are Counselling Auckland. We're a network of therapists and counsellors in Auckland CentralNorthSouthWest and East. You’re welcome for counselling, therapy and relationship counselling. 



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Counselling offers you a space to explore your issues, thoughts and feelings in a safe non judgemental environment. 


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We are experienced in working with a wide variety of clients with a range of issues and therapies, including:


✓ Being assertive

✓ Feeling lonely

✓ Self confidence

✓ Stress


✓ ACC Counselling




Addiction counselling Auckland Addiction counselling

There are all kinds of addictions, such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, computer, gaming, sex / pornography, substance use. Do you suffer from an addiction?

Addiction counselling >
Anger management Anger management

Anger becomes a problem when it starts negatively affecting you and those around you. Anger doesn’t need to take over your life. Remember that there are methods you can learn to manage your anger. Do you have anger management issues?

Anger management >
Anxiety Counselling Anxiety Counselling

Support when you suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety Counselling >
Burnout Counselling Burnout Counselling

Support when you suffer from burnout.

Burnout Counselling >
Depression Counselling Depression Counselling

Support you when you suffer from depression.

Depression Counselling >
Grief Counselling Grief Counselling

Support you when you suffer from grief and loss.

Grief Counselling >
Relationship Counselling Relationship Counselling

Support when you suffer from relationship problems. You're welcome for relationship counselling and couples counselling.

Relationship Counselling >
Trauma counselling Trauma counselling

Support you when you suffer from trauma and ptsd.

Trauma counselling >

Counsellors in Auckland

Counsellor-Browns Bay
Browns Bay
(0 KM)
Trish | Counsellor | Browns Bay (0 KM)
Counselling Browns Bay - North Shore - Auckland, 2 Glen Road, 0630, Browns Bay
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is Trish. I provide counselling for people aged 13 upwards, including individuals, families, and adolescents.

I work with people who are recovering from trauma, having relationship issues, are looking for life development or change, are dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, anger, work and life stresses, and maternal mental health.

I welcome people from a diverse range of backgrounds, values, beliefs and cultures.

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(0 KM)
David | Counsellor and Transformation Coach | Ellerslie (0 KM)
Counselling Ellerslie - Auckland, Unit 4, 101 Main Highway Fillan Healthcare, 1051, Ellerslie
✓ I also offer online therapy

Hi, my name is David. I'm a counsellor in Ellerslie - Auckland.

I offer non-judgemental and effective counselling, teaching you the skills to help you deal with what you are facing.

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(0 KM)
Chieko | Psychosynthesis counselling | Northcote (0 KM)
Counselling Northcote - North shore - Auckland, 107A Lake Road - Resolusion House, 0627, Northcote
✓ I also offer online therapy

Often life throws various realities at us. I will support you in circumstances like:
-overwhelming feelings
-balance in your life
-personal development/growth

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(0 KM)
Dr. Andrea | Counsellor | Waitakere (0 KM)
Counselling West-Auckland Waitakere, 69 McEntee Road, 0614, Waitakere
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is Andrea, counsellor in West-Auckland Waitakere. Life can be challenging, and sometimes those challenges seem overwhelming. There are times when things need to change – I can help you moving step by step towards the life you want.

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(0 KM)
Helen | Clinical hypnotherapist | Warkworth (0 KM)
Hypnotherapy Warkworth - Auckland, 0910, Warkworth
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is Helen.
Hypnotherapy can be an incredibly powerful and transformative modality to help you shift, heal and release the feelings and behaviours you are experiencing.

I can help you with issues such as:
Stress, Fears and Phobias, Addictions, Anxiety, Weight loss with Virtual Gastric Band program, Menopause, Trauma and emotional release, Parenting challenges, Hypnobirthing

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(0 KM)
Rob | Addiction practitioner | West-Auckland (0 KM)
Addiction Counselling West-Auckland, 124 Hobsonville Road - Hobsonville, 0616, West-Auckland

--- currently unavailable --- My name is Rob, addiction practitioner in Hobsonville, West-Auckland. In my practice I see a people and families with issues such as: Anger management, Gambling, Pornography, Substance use – alcohol and other drugs. I see also people with mild to moderate depression & anxiety.

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(0 KM)
Sara | Counseling & Life Coaching | Whangaparaoa (0 KM)
Counseling & Life Coaching Red Beach - Whangaparaoa - Hibiscus Coast - Auckland, Red Beach, Whangaparaoa
✓ I also offer online therapy

My name is Sara, counsellor in Red Beach - Whangaparaoa - Hibiscus Coast - Auckland
I offer clinically informed Counselling to help anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, mental illness, trauma, marriage stress, or is simply overwhelmed by life.

I have 7 years of experience offering Trauma and Addictions Counselling as well as a specialty in counselling for women who have experienced abuse.

I also offer Life Coaching sessions for anyone making big life changes or anyone trying to organize their many prioritie

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